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How to Install and Clean a Glass Backsplash

How to Install and Clean a Glass Backsplash

In order to get the most out of your backsplash over its lifetime. You need to make sure it is installed correctly, and that you know the correct method for cleaning it. That’s why we have put together this guide on how to install and clean a glass backsplash.

How To Install a Glass Backsplash

To get your backsplash looking its best it is vital that it is installed correctly. One way to ensure you get the best finish possible is to use our measure and fit service. Our expert installers will have your backsplashes looking as good as possible in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room you desire.

However, if you are planning on installing it yourself. Then the first step is to prepare the wall. Both the glass and the wall need to be as clean and smooth as possible in order to get the best possible bond between the two.

Once you have performed your final preparations. A clean and a final measure to ensure the backsplash is going to fit. You next need to add the adhesive to the reverse of the glass. Start by placing it in a dotted line around the outside, leaving a small gap to the edge. Followed by dots of silicone (50 pence piece sized) at the centre, evenly spaced out.

Following this you need to put the glass backsplash in place. Start by lining up the bottom edge and moving up the glass. Applying careful and equal pressure across the backsplash until the top edge of the glass is also in place.

The final stage is the easiest. You need to leave the backsplash for 24 hours to allow the adhesive to completely dry. Do not touch the backsplash during this time to allow it to set in place. And try not to use the room as much as possible. This gives the best chance to get the optimum finish.

For more detailed instructions on installation, read our guide on installing a backsplash.

Cleaning A Glass Backsplash

Once the backsplash has been installed. You then need to keep it clean. Which is why the second part of our guide on how to install and clean a glass backsplash is about cleaning the glass.

In order to get rid of a stain from your splashback you first need to ensure you are using the correct implements for cleaning. A microfiber cloth will generally be the best option. It will clean the glass, remove any stains, but will not harm the glass. Even with a soft cloth its possible to damage the glass if you don’t take enough care.

Glass backsplashes can be cleaned in much the same way you would clean any other household surfaces. You just need to ensure the products you are using are not abrasive or harmful to the glass. When you are cleaning first use warm water and soap to lift the stain. Don’t use bleach or chemicals as this can leave lasting marks on the glass.

Following cleaning the backsplash, there is always the chance you can leave streaks on the glass. However, these are easily removed by using glass cleaner or white wine vinegar if you have this to hand. Also, if you have run out of clothes from cleaning the glass newspaper can be used to remove steaks from the glass.

If you are looking for a more detailed guide on how to look after your glass, you can read our full guide to cleaning a backsplash here.

Colour 2 Glass Splashbacks Ltd

If you need any help or advice on glass backsplashes, Colour 2 Glass are here to help. Whether it’s installation, maintenance or designing a new addition to your home we are happy to help. You can contact us here at anytime.


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