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How To Get Scratches out of A Glass Table Top?

How To Get Scratches out of A Glass Table Top?

Although the toughened OptiWhite used by Colour2Glass is designed to be scratch resistant, and under normal use you should never have a problem with scratches on your glass table top or splashback. Something may come into contact with the glass that even the toughened glass can’t withstand. There is also the possibility that you purchased glass from another company which wasn’t manufactured to the same standards as the glass we use. In which case you may need to know how to get scratches out of a glass table top. That’s why we have put this guide together to help you restore your glass to factory condition.

How to Fix a Scratch in a Glass Table Top

Ensure the Glass is Completely Clean

Before tackling the scratch itself, you first need to make sure that the glass is as clean as possible. If you’re not sure of the best way to approach cleaning your glass. Then read our guide to cleaning a glass splashback. You should clean the glass with glass or window cleaner. You could use lemon juice or vinegar if you don’t have a cleaner available.

Once you have completed the cleaning process, use paper towels to ensure the glass is completely dry before you attempt to remove the scratch.

How Deep Is the Scratch?

Before you can attempt to remove the scratch you need to establish how deep it is. This is because the technique you use to remove it will be different depending on how bad the problem is. It will also determine which products you need to use to remove the scratch.

Light Scratches

For light or surface scratches there are a few simple products you can use to attempt to remove the marks. There are a few household items which can be used to buff out the scratches. The preferred applicant to use is a metal polish such as Brasso. However, if you don’t have any of that to hand you can use a mixture of water, baking soda, and toothpaste. Just remember to ensure that the toothpaste is a non-gel white toothpaste.

Which ever you choose you should apply with a soft cloth. Rub the paste or polish in gently to the affected area. Remember that its ok if you need to have several attempts to remove the scratch. Its always best to be too gentle on the glass rather than too harsh.

Deeper Scratches

A tougher problem to fix is when you have deeper scratches in your glass. This is when you will need something more specialised to sort out the problem. There are many places which will give you tips and hints of things to use, or shortcuts to repairing the glass. However, when a scratch is deep we would only recommend using a scratch repair kit.

There are many scratch repair kits available on the market. There is even the option to use a windscreen repair kit to fix the glass. As all of these products are different we can’t recommend a process. However, we would recommend researching your choice of product thoroughly before you purchase it. Then once you have it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results, and to reduce the chances of damaging the glass while trying to repair it.

You should never have a problem with scratches on glass supplied by us. But for those instances when something does occur you now know the best way to remove the issue. If your still unsure how to deal with imperfections in your glass. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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