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How Big Should a Picture Be On a Wall? How to Choose the Right Size Wall Art.

How Big Should a Picture Be On a Wall

If you are about to purchase some glass wall art. It is important to ensure what you purchase is the correct size. And that’s the thing about hanging art in your home. Even though decorating is a lot to do with personal taste. There is a “correct” size and position when it comes to pictures on your walls. How big should a picture be on a wall? Read our guide to find out!

How Big Should a Picture be on a Wall?

When working out how big your picture should be you need to consider a number of factors. These include whether there is anything else on the wall. If the picture will be hung over furniture. Or if the picture will be over a fireplace. But for now we will keep it simple, how big should a picture be on a blank wall.

It is generally thought that a picture should be around two thirds of the width of the wall. This is where your personal preference comes into play, as there is room to go both narrower and wider with your picture.

However, at a minimum there should be 3/8ths of the wall at either side of your wall art. The easy way to calculate this is to multiply the width of the wall by 0.57. The maximum size should be 75% of the width of your wall. As long as you stick within these boundaries you should have a piece of art which looks great on your wall.

Remember when measuring the art to include the frame in your measurements. Many people buy artwork only to realise it becomes too large when placed inside a frame!

How High To Hang Pictures?

This is another common mistake people make when hanging pictures. They don’t really take the time to consider how high it should be on the wall. Sometimes just hanging it where they can reach!

However there is a simple solution to this. Do what art galleries do. The centre of your picture should be 57 inches from the ground. This is used as the standard in art galleries as it is eye level for the average person.

Simply divide the height of your picture by 2 to get the midpoint of your picture, this is the point which needs to be 57 inches from the floor. Remember to bear in mind how you will be hanging the picture. For example if it is from a wire, you will need to adjust the hanging point to allow for the amount of slack in the wire.

How Wide Should a Picture be Over a Sofa?

The size of your couch dictates the size of your picture. If you are planning to hang it above a sofa the same two thirds rule applies. Only this time its in relation to the size of the couch, not the size of the wall. Use the 57% to 75% guidelines mentioned previously to find the correct width.

If your sofa is 200cm wide then your wall art should be between 114 and 150cm wide.

How High to Hang Pictures Over a Sofa?

As with the width of the piece, the height you hang it is also dependant on the sofa rather than the wall. The rule here is the bottom the frame should sit between 8 and 10 inches above the top of the couch.

The mistake most people make is to hang the artwork too high. When in fact it should be almost connected to the couch. You should see the piece and the couch almost as one item of furniture. If you follow the two rules regarding width, and the height above the sofa. This is the look you will achieve.

How Big Should a Picture be Over a Mantle?

As with hanging a picture over a sofa, you have the same guidelines for width above a fireplace. However, with a fireplace there are other options. The picture will be probably be narrower, but you can hang wall art which is the same width as either the opening of the fireplace itself, or the same width as the fireplace.

This narrower look can work with a fireplace as the lines created by the outside of the fireplace and the opening create their own frame. Matching the picture with this frame gives a finish that is pleasing to the eye. You will be drawn from the fireplace to the picture, and vice versa.

How Big Should a Picture be Over a Mantle

How Much Space do you Need Between Pictures?

The mistake people often make here is spacing the pictures too far apart. They try to fill the whole wall with the images. But what you should do is keep the pictures together. Its often said that the entire gallery of images should be seen as a single unit. If they are too far apart they are seen as separate entities.

So when it comes to the space between each picture, you should be looking at no more than a 2 inch gap. Obviously the exact size of the gap is dependant on the size of the space you have, the number of pieces, and the size of the wall art. The actual size of the gap in-between each picture is determined to make the entire display symmetrical.

As with a single image, you do not want your gallery to take up all the space on the wall. Even with multiple images you should not be looking to fill much more space than you would with a single picture.

Also the rules regarding height apply here as well. If it is above a piece of furniture leave an 8 to 10 inch gap. And on a blank wall the centre of the display should be 57 inches from the ground.

Whatever size of wall art you need to fit your space perfectly, our made to measure glass wall art can fit that gap. We can digitally print any image onto our standard size, or bespoke sized glass. If you would like more information on our glass wall art, contact us today.


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